#111 Guy Swann - Anatomy of a Bitcoin Maximalist

Guy Swann joins the show to talk about, of course, bitcoin. We cover everything from Guy’s background, what bitcoin’s purpose is, the difference between Proof of Work v.s Proof of Stake, the bcash fork, the Lightning network, how to use bitcoin as a real money in you every day life, and much more. If you don’t know ANYTHING about bitcoin, we got the fix for you. Economics; simple human agency and incentive, is the glue that solidifies the immutability, and is the breath of life, that enriches the power of the Bitcoin Network. Share this episode out, and don’t forget to #buybitcoin. 

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Time Stamps
  • 7:07 Guy’s Journey to bitcoin
  • 20:20 What is bitcoin, and why it matters
  • 40:20 Alt-Coins, and Proof of Work v.s Proof of Stake
  • 1:00:13 The bcash Fork
  • 2:00:45 Running Your Own Node
  • 2:13:00 How To Use Bitcoin Every Day & Real-Life Use Cases
  • 2:26:29 The Lightning Network: What, How, Why & Scaling bitcoin
Nik Carters’s “A Peaceful Revolution”

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